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I dislike flying for various reasons, and even more so after my recent airline experiences.

I'm in Salt lake city right now to present a paper on the INTERACT workshop held together with HPCA. Getting here turned out to be quite an adventure.

I wanted to be here with plenty of head time before the workshop started today (saturday). I therefore ordered tickets to arrive on thursday evening, which would give me all of friday to work on the presentation. However, the flight Stockholm to Frankfurt is delayed which causes me to miss the connecting flight to Denver. Since there only is one flight to Denver every day, I was sent to an airport hotel in Frankfurt.

Next day, I fly to Denver. This flight is also delayed, which causes me to miss the (rebooked) connecting flight to Salt lake city. There are more flights the same night, but they are all full. I therefore need to stay yet another night at an airport hotel, this time in Denver to catch the 06.10 flight next morning. Horror.

This hotel was also a horror of it's own. My room had an airconditioner started every 30 minutes (being put in the off state!). It was like sleeping in the same room as a running vacuum cleaner. Obviously, I only managed to sleep something like one or two hours that night.

And on the next day, I finally got to Salt lake city. Problems didn't end there, as you might expect. My luggage was now nowhere to be found (it should have got here before me), so I had to file this at the lost luggage desk. The luggage arrived today (sunday), so I'm finally able to change clothes. Trying to buy spare clothes in an American city center also turned out to be quite difficult. The automobile lifestyle has apparently killed city center shopping, and I'll take european city centers any day over this.

I'm also not very happy with my conference presentation. I was very tired and hadn't had time to actually prepare very much for it (which in my original plan was supposed to be done on friday). Oh well.
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