simonkagstrom (simonkagstrom) wrote,

Looking for Frodo Network testers

I've spent some time today improving the Frodo/Wii network implementation, in particular the UDP hole punching. It utilizes a small "broker" program written in Python which serves as the third party.

I've now got a version which works locally, but I (obviously) can't test if the hole punching really works, so I'll need help here. I'm therefore looking for someone which
  • Has a Linux box which can compile the Frodo/Wii source (for Linux, not Wii)

  • Has a direct connection to the Internet (not NATed), to run the broker

  • Does not have a firewall which blocks incoming UDP packets on port 46214

If you match this description, please mail me. Also ask if you wonder about something. I'd prefer someone close to the GMT timezone to avoid timing problems, so Europe or Africa would be best.
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