simonkagstrom (simonkagstrom) wrote,

UAE for the wii

As has been discussed in comments before, I've started a googlecode project for a Nintendo Wii port of UAE, the Universal Amiga Emulator. It's based on the latest and greatest E-UAE sources and is built for SDL all the way.

Those that are familiar with the Wii homebrew "scene" will know that there is another port of UAE by someone called "Gouky". However, he never released sources for this even after repeated inquiries of it - which makes it a clear GPL violation. Clearly bad behavior, and this is the main reason I started this.

Today I have some progress to show:

That's a screenshot from an old Amiga demo. As you can see, graphics is a bit misaligned. Sound is also pretty wrecked and input does not work at all. It also crashes a lot, but it's progress at least. I'd like to invite other Wii developers to join in on this port, I will not be able to do it all by myself.

Update: Sound now works excellent, and I've found the cause of the crash. I'm able to play shufflepuck cafe as SDL has mouse emulation. It's very difficult though.
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