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First version of UAE

In large parts of the world, UAE is known as an abbreviation for the United Arab Emirates. In some subcultures though, it's instead known as an amiga emulator. As you can imagine, this whole situation is quite unsatisfactory for googling. Anyway, today I'm releasing the first version of the Amiga emulator UAE for the Nintendo Wii.

Exciting race between aa and Jumpin' Jack!

Hey the Wii can do 3D!

This is literally a first version as in "you'll have a bumpy ride in front of you" (much like in Stunt car racer). This version features the all-important joystick input, so games are actually playable and the first wiimote acts as both mouse (point at the screen and press the A key for the button) and joystick (the directional buttons plus 2). The first wiimote is also configured to generate 'a' when you press + and return when you press -, just to show what can be done with the UAE configuration file. Home is for the menu.

I must say I'm impressed with UAE (OK, the country also features some impressive features so this goes for both). I thought I would have to spend a lot of time on the wiimote input handling, but it turns out that nearly everything is possible to setup using the configuration file. The only source code modification I had to make was to add handling of the joystick "hat", which is the wiimote directional buttons. Beautiful!

Download from but only after you have read the instructions on Wiibrew. Thereafter, join the project as a developer and improve on it!

Update: "Gouky" has released the source code to his version now, you can get that here. Better late than never!
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