simonkagstrom (simonkagstrom) wrote,

Memory, UAE-Wii version 3

I bought 2GB RAM for my laptop today. What a difference compared to 1GB! Now firefox, eclipse and mytourbook (267 km since may 27!) are actually possible to run together. Good investment and something I'd recommend anyone with a slightly old laptop.

I've also released version 3 of UAE-Wii today. It really only contains two things: a fix for a bug which prevented dialogue windows from showing and support for Cloanto Amiga forever kickstart ROMs out of the box.

You can also see it as an answer to the (frequent) question "where do I get a kickstart ROM for UAE?". Easy - just buy the Amiga forever CD and copy them from there. It's good value for money since it's quite cheap and contains a set of games/demos as well.

Cloanto was nice enough to send me a copy of the Amiga forever CD for free - it was even the deluxe edition which packs two DVDs with Amiga-related videos. I've so far only watched Dave Haynies documentary about the collapse of commodore. While the subject is interesting, the documentary is filmed with a (shaky) handheld camera by Haynies himself, so I can't really recommend it to anyone but the real enthusiasts or the truly drunk.
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