simonkagstrom (simonkagstrom) wrote,
simonkagstrom launched (as v1-rc)

I've been working on the new version of Frodo/Wii, now known as, for several months now. It's finally starting to look like something, so I'm putting out a pre-release. There might be bugs in it, but the main reason is that... needs your help!

And there are basically four categories of work where I'll need help:
  • Redesigning the UI: I'm a lousy graphics artist, so help me out here. In the new version, you can easily switch between different "gui themes", so copy the default one and make your own and then put it on Wiki page.

  • Redesigning the web pages: The static web page would be nice to get better looking, but primarily generated statistics web page needs CSS and better looks. It's a simple python script (see network-broker/ in the source code), which you can run by itself to generate the web page (you'll also need png's for the screenshots)

  • Builds for Windows and Mac OS. Should be simple on Mac OS, and on windows you should probably use cygwin. Please target the subversion trunk first.

  • Debugging! Try it out!

The real list of changes in the new version is long, but the most important are:
  • New name and new versioning :-). With the new name and URL, I want to emphasize the networking support.

  • It's no longer Wii-specific, but should work on any platform with SDL support.

  • The code has been restructured, both my stuff and the regular Frodo code. All warnings have been removed, as has port-specific code (the supported platforms now all use SDL)

  • The gui has been redesigned completely. Hopefully looks better now, and is also better written

  • Screenshots and game info can be saved for your games (semi-automatically)

My hope is that the user base of will expand quite a bit now, but we'll see. Have fun!
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